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Play with LIFX Tile devices

Over the last few days, during the holiday season, I wrote some Go code to play with my LIFX Tile device I bought several months ago. The result is a library, and the following 2 videos:

The main reason I wrote yet another Go library for LIFX LAN Protocol is that although there are several Go libraries available, at the time of writing none of them support tiles, and tiles are the stuff I'd like to play with. As the result of that, the library is incomplete and focused on tile related APIs. It's incomplete to the extreme that it cannot control normal LIFX lights yet, at the time of writing this blog post. But while designing the API, I intentionally made it very extendible and export as many stuff as possible. As an example, the tile library is in its own package by using the base library as a library and extending it.

Another reason I did this is this is fun and exciting. The LIFX LAN Protocol is on UDP, and the last time I wrote UDP related code was 10+ years ago. I needed to relearn a lot of stuff in the past few days.

The code is on GitHub.

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