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This is an open source project I started 5 years ago, and just "finished" recently.

Back in 2011, my friend tension7 released a Chrome extension called One Password. It has a simple idea: using HMAC-MD5 to generate unique passwords for different sites.

I thought that was a good idea, and started to use it myself. (The idea is actually called "deterministic password manager/generator", and there are some discussions about it recently. I agree that it doesn't make your password stronger, but it do works better in certain cases. I use it on some sites myself, but not all of them.) I wrote a python version of it so that when I can use it easily while I'm not on Chrome.

And I also started writing an Android app for it. This is the Android app.

The sad thing is just that there're too many distractions in life, so I never found time to finish it. I made it "usable" at some point of 2013 or 2014, put it on my phone, and just put it away.

But I suddenly had some time due to various reasons recently, so I finally finished it. By "finish it" I mean I did a 1.0 release and listed it on Google Play, 5 years after I started the project.

There are still some TODOs, for example I would like to add the feature to save the master password with fingerprint, but I didn't figure out a good way to design the UI to make it work. But it's mostly feature complete, with highlights:

  • Auto guess sitekey from current running app.
  • Alternatively, able to share URL from Chrome to the app to auto extract sitekey from URL (because I cannot get the current URL from Chrome).
  • Auto copy generated password to clipboard.
  • Auto clear clipboard after a certain time.

On the technical side, I chose Buck as the building system for this project, because it was the build system used by my day job project, and it worked great. I also tried to move it from Buck to Bazel, but Android's incompatible with Java8 is causing a lot of problems. I will probably switch to Bazel after that is sorted out.

Anyway, if you found the idea of deterministic password generator appealing to you (at least in certain cases), please give it a try. I hope you enjoy it.

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