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Note: git-svn recover from svn failures

My company uses svn, and a VPN without Mac client. So I can't commit from home. In order to manage my off-time works, I use git-svn on my MacBook Pro.

Today I'm going to sync my 2 commits in git to svn, using:

$ git svn dcommit

But after committed the first change, the svn server have no spaces left! So the second commit was failed:

End of file found: Can't read file '/tmp/report.tmp': End of file found at /usr/bin/git-svn line 3856

After svn admin resolved this problem, and I dcommit again, but it still fails:

Merge conflict during commit: File or directory '***.cpp' is out of date; try updating: The version resource does not correspond to the resource within the transaction. Either the requested version resource is out of date (needs to be updated), or the requested version resource is newer than the transaction root (restart the commit). at /usr/bin/git-svn line 461

And I've tried

$ git svn fetch

but the problem remains. So I decided to manually commit that change.

First, generate a patch from git ("HEAD^" means make a patch against the parent of HEAD, so it's my last change):

$ git format-patch HEAD^

And this command will generate a 0001--***.patch file. Then, use "svn co" to checkout a svn working copy, and apply that patch:

$ patch -i /path/to/0001--***.patch -p1

Then, get my last commit log from "git log", then use "svn ci" to commit it.

Now back to the git working copy, rebase svn:

$ git svn fetch
$ git svn rebase

Then try dcommit again, no conflicts and no commit made (as the svn repository is already up to date).


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