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Flickr Video vs. Youtube

Finally, Video on Flickr!

I've uploaded a test video:

And here's the same video on youtube, to be compared:

So here's the comparison:

  • Speed: youtube is much much faster than flickr, anyway, youtube consumed half of California's bandwidth, so it's no surprise.
  • Who can upload: everybody, every free users can upload to youtube, but only pro users ($24.95/y) can upload videos to flickr now.
  • Geotag: you can geotag your video on flickr, but seems that you can't do it on youtube.
  • Original file: you can download the original file of your video in flickr's embed page, so in case you lost your original file, it's a way to get it back.
  • Sizes: there's only 1 size on youtube, but many sizes on flickr to embed.
  • Group: on flickr, you can group your videos along with your photos, so the photos/videos can be grouped together.
  • Privacy control: you can filter viewers with your flickr contacts, as I already have a community on flickr, but not on youtube.

So, from now on, I may move from youtube to flickr, flickr rocks!

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