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AFP versus SMB

I have a Linux file server in my home running Debian Lenny, and I always use SMB for file sharing, it have a very very bad performance. Today I suddenly remember Apple have an AFP protocol, so gave it a try.

I use "apt-cache search afp" to find out that there's a package named "netatalk" can provide AFP file sharing, so install it. But I can only login use guest account, not my system user, from Leopard.

I googled it and found that the problem is: on the Debian side, as a license issue, the Debian package didn't come with SSL support; on the Leopard side, it didn't allow you exchange your password with AFP server without SSL. So the solution is build netatalk yourself, with SSL.

The building steps are described on this blog, and I also disabled atalkd as the author suggested, it caused netatalk to start-up much faster than before.

So finally I got a AFP server for my Mac (compare this icon to the famous BSOD icon for SMB servers in Leopard :P):

AFP server icon in Leopard

And as expected, AFP is much much faster than SMB, here's the write test:

For AFP:

fishy@McManaman:~$ dd if=/dev/zero of=/Volumes/Home\ Directory/foo
^C57345+0 records in
57345+0 records out
29360640 bytes (29 MB) copied, 11.0833 s, 2.6 MB/s

And for SMB:

fishy@McManaman:~$ dd if=/dev/zero of=/Volumes/fishy/bar
^C4235+0 records in
4235+0 records out
2168320 bytes (2.2 MB) copied, 10.6889 s, 203 kB/s

I'm impressed!

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May the Force be with you. RAmen