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Patches to make NucleusCMS plugins multi-blog ready

I was struggling to find a good multi-blog system to replace LifeType used on in the past few weeks. I've tried Movable Type but didn't feel satisfy with it. Finally I found that NucleusCMS, which is used here, have good support for multi-blog, so I think it's the solution for me.

Although NucleusCMS itself have good support for multi-blog, as it's mainly used as a single blog system like WordPress, nearly none of the plugins considered the multi-blog situation.

So I made patches for the plugins I used, to make them multi-blog ready.

These patches generally move some option from global to blog, so that every blog can have its own setting. And for some plugins that have an admin area, I also filtered the things it can admin to avoid security risk.

  • patch for NP_TrackBack 2.1.0:
    1. move notify options into blog settings (Notify, NotifyEmail and NoNotifyBlocked)
    2. show admin area when user is blog admin (copied from NP_Referer 1.0 code :D )
    3. in admin area, user can only see/manage the trackbacks in a blog he have admin privilege
  • patch for NP_Referrer 1.0.1:
    1. roll back to 1.0 to show admin area for non-admin users
    2. in admin area, user can only see/modify the referrers in a blog he have admin privilege
  • patch for NP_Calendar: move the locale option into blog option
  • patch for NP_RSSItem: move lang, RSSLink and RSSImage option into blog option.
  • patch for NP_WeatherReport: move city_name, city_id and unit option into blog option.

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