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Trying Camino

Camino is superb fast. Much much faster than Firefox and maybe a bit faster than Safari.

Compare to Firefox, it comes with some good system integrations, including Address Book integration, Keychain Access integration, etc. And compare to Safari, it's much closer to Firefox, it also have a "about:config" thing (though a little different from Firefox), and a powerful ad-blocking engine.

So I'm going to give it a week's trial, to see if I can be used to it.

Although it's close to Firefox, it didn't have extensions. So there's something I missing in Firefox:

  1. It can't force links that open a new window to open in new tab. I can use about:config to set "" to "1" to disable links that opens a new window, but can't use a new tab instead. Anyway, this is acceptable. At least they won't open lots of new windows to annoy me.
  2. I can't type a site name (e.g. "google" ) and press cmd+enter to automatically surround it with "www." and ".com", this will open it in new tab and use "I'm feeling lucky" search. So I must type more words to input a address.
  3. Keyboard short-cut is different from Firefox, it mixed some Firefox short-cuts and Safari short-cuts up. I don't like this. I prefer a configurable keyboard short-cuts. Maybe I can configure it in System Preferences? UPDATED: Oh yes, I can configure them in System Preferences. This makes me feel much better.
  4. I can't specify the text encoding of the keyword in the search tool-box. Some search engines in China only accept GBK keywords but Camino can only encode keyword in UTF-8.
  5. Lack of spell checkers. It can't use the system spell check for standard text editors (cause it didn't use the standard text editor?), nor the spell checker provided by Google Toolbar for Firefox or Firefox 2.

Anyway, a impressive thing is that the build-in ad-blocking engine is powerful, and the default black-list is very useful that it filtered out almost all the ad from the pages I visited. And if the black-list isn't powerful enough, I can edit it myself.

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