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Too cool to refuse: NP_Revision

Yesterday I made a patch for NucleusCMS plugin NP_TrackBack, and post in into the forum. On the forum, I've found another amazing plugin from the same author: NP_Revision

It's amazing because, it can track all your changes, just like a wiki (or CVS/svn)! It can show the old version, and show the diff's.

For instance, this is the diff between revision 1.0 and revision 1.1 of my last post.

But seems for the posts post before installation of this plugin, the time was wrong. I'll try to fix it later.

btw: I've changed the url here from Fancy URL to Fancier URL. So if you're using bloglines or google reader or some RSS reader that track changes, you'll get notify for old items. My apologize for that. Old stuff fancy URLs still works.

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