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QTerm 0.4.0 Intel Mac build(s)

QTerm is a Qt based open source BBS client

I've made a static build of the latest release (0.4.0) on my MacBook. It's a static build, that means you don't need Qt installed, you need just this app to run stand alone. And it's not a Universal Binary, it can only run on Intel Macs

QTerm is designed to be primarily ran on Linux platforms, so that the keyboard shortcuts are in Linux-style. I've also made a modified version to change some of the keyboard shortcuts into Mac-style. The changes include:

  1. alt+0~9 -> cmd+0~9
  2. alt+up, alt+down, alt+left, alt+right -> cmd+up, cmd+down, cmd+left, cmd+right
  3. copy: cmd+c, paste: cmd+v

Here are my builds: original version, modified version. They are bzipped tarballs of ".app", extract them and move to your Applications folder.

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