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A patch for iComplete

iComplete is a code completion system, can be used with the omni-completion feature of vim 7, to provide language sensitive code completion.

It uses Exuberant-ctags to generate tag file. Exuberant-ctags is also a popular extension tool for vimmers. But the tag file generated by iComplete is different from the one we usually use, so it makes a problem sometimes.

I've made this patch to provide a additional command line parameter: tagfile(t) for iComplete, in which we can specify the tag filename used by iComplete (default to `tags'), so we can avoid break the tags file.

I also added a variable "g:cppcomplete_tagfile" to represent this option in vim

To apply this patch, first you should get the source of iComplete either by the source tarball or via SourceForge CVS, and the run the following command at the root directory:

patch -p1 -i icomplete.patch

I've submitted this patch to the author of iComplete, and it's supposed to be applied to the official branch soon.

Here's the patch file: icomplete.patch

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