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Why we should use open source

The project I'm working on used a 3rd party component, and it's not open source.

QA had found a defect today: in some case my program will hang for a long time. So I added many debug log into the position that may hang, but didn't find the defect.

So I can only add debug log between nearly every statements, and finally, I've found the hung statement: a function to dump some data onto hard disc, from the 3rd party component.

Sometimes, this statement will hang for 5 minutes (no more, no less, just 5 minutes), and then return SUCCESS.

I don't know why it hangs, there's enough spaces, and it has the privilege to write. It seems that 5 minutes is a time-out, but after 5 minutes, it return SUCCESS!

If I have the source of the 3rd party component, maybe I can fix it. But now, I can only leave this defect there, to wait the stupid 5 minutes.

We need open source, seriously.

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