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Proposol for Thishit

I've bought a Treo 650 half a month ago (photo), but there's no free good-to-use Jabber clients (Chatopus is more or less good, but not perfect, and it's a shareware with $16.95). So I think maybe I can develop a open-source Jabber client for PalmOS.

I'll call it "Thishit" :) , and planning to implement the following features:

  1. Text chat, of course
  2. Gtalk support
  3. Good transports support
  4. Other services support (JUD, conference, etc.)
  5. Message history with offline reading and/or exporting to memo
  6. i18n support
  7. Multi accounts at the same time
  8. SSL support
  9. Background running
  10. Customizable status message
  11. Smileys support, if possible
  12. Avater support, if possible

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