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OpenSource in China: BugFree

I'd got a part-time job during college. During that job, my work-mates developed BugFree as the company's bug tracking system. and released it Open Sourced after half a year.

atppp ask me to recommend a bug tracking system today, so I recommended BugFree, and checked the homepage (well, I haven't visit it for months, although I've complained that the bug tracking system in my company is very very hard to use). Surprisedly, I've found that wwccss, the core developer of BugFree, have resigned and became a full-time open source developer months ago.

I don't think it's a easy decision. A full-time open source developer isn't easy to live in China (maybe isn't easy to live all over the world, either). So I admire his courage, and wish him good luck.

He've chosen service as the commercial mode. The BugFree team provides services including installation, troubleshooting, training, etc. (full service list, Chinese version only). For enterprise develops, bug tracking system is a very important factor, so corporations are willing to pay for the stablity and usability of the bug tracking system.

If you are looking for a bug tracking system, try it :)

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