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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Modified Pwitter to support 3rd party twitter API

Pwitter is a good open source Twitter client for Mac. I just added supporting for 3rd party twitter API to it to make it better.

You can get my patch here or my build here.

There's no GUI for setting 3rd party twitter API address. Instead, you need to change the configuration file. You can use either Property List Editor or the Terminal "defaults write" way. Here's an example:

$ defaults write com.aki.Pwitter twitter_https -bool NO
$ defaults write com.aki.Pwitter twitter_base ""

To restore the default settings ( https and "" ), you can just delete the custom settings by:

$ defaults delete com.aki.Pwitter twitter_https
$ defaults delete com.aki.Pwitter twitter_base

It's useful when you can't connect to directly, like me in China. Enjoy it.

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