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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Upgrade NucleusCMS from 3.22 to 3.23

Wake up this morning, I've got a notification from the author of NucleusCMS that NucleusCMS 3.23 is out now. So I downloaded the upgrade files and upgrade.

In the upgrade files, there's only 1 language file: english.php, but I'm using english-utf8.php. After the upgrading I diff'd these 2 file, and found that in my english-utf8.php, there's no new line at EOF but english.php does have a new line. So I added it.

But then I can't visit my blog homepage, NucleusCMS says that header is already sent in english-utf8.php at line XXX, this is often because a newline at end of config.php bla bla. And the line it indicated in english-utf8.php is the newline I just added :( I removed it, and it works now.

So, why does the english.php in the official package has a newline at EOF?

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