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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Mac OS X Tip: Set 24-hour format time

I hate times that in the "am/pm" format. It's a big waste of screen space, especially when I am using a 13.3 inch screen. I miss the 24-hour format time, but I didn't find it in Mac.

But finally I've found the way:

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Open International
  3. Click the Format tab
  4. Click the Customize button beside "Times"
  5. Hover your mouse over the hour indicator, and it will show a arrow. Click on the arrow you'll get a drop-down list to choose hour formats.

Here's my snapshot:

Set 24 hour format time in Mac OS X

So I get my 24-hour format time back, in my iCal, Mail, anywhere.

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